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Sensor Watch Screen Things

Sensor Watch Screen Things

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This sheet of 20 vinyl stickers lets your Sensor Watch dress up in style! Precision-cut to go over the faceplate of a Casio F-91W, they let you change the look and feel of your board-swapped wristwatch. 

These stickers are printed on high-quality white vinyl with a pearly matte finish and — like the watch itself — they are water resistant, which means you can wear them in the rain without worrying about the colors bleeding! While they are removable, they are not reusable; once you stick one to your watch, you can't remove it without damaging the sticker. (the watch will of course be unharmed)

Recommended procedure: Before you use these stickers, carefully peel the rest of the sticker sheet — the white surrounding part with the “Sensor Watch Screen Things” text — away from the backing paper. This will make it easier to grab onto the stickers. 

The designs, from left to right: 

  • Monochrome (with three levels of detail)
  • Classic
  • Classic with googly eyes
  • Earthrise
  • Eclipse
  • Red Rover
  • Vaporwave (two levels of detail)
  • Numbers
  • Astrology
  • Liberté
  • Pride
  • Trans Rights
  • Sunset
  • Cycling
  • Moon Phase
  • Circuit Board
  • Blackout

As a bonus, the Oddly Specific Objects logo at the top right is a sticker too! Tastefully sized for sticking on a laptop, or whatever object in your life gets all the stickers. 

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