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Oddly Specific Daybook

Oddly Specific Daybook

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This handsome 3½ × 5 inch kraft paper notebook is made to be carried all year. It features a custom design by the folks here at Oddly Specific Objects with 32 pages, each lovingly designed with a specific purpose in mind. From the front, it has:

  • One lined page for important information you'd like to have on hand all year long.
  • Two blank pages where you can draw any important maps, diagrams or other information you'd like to carry with you.
  • Two tabular pages for notes on travel, inventory tracking, accounting or anything else tabular.
  • Then the main event: twenty-five pages with a perpetual calendar and room to write one line about each day of the year.
  • Finally, at the back, there are two more lined pages for whatever you like.

These pages are bound on either side by durable, 100% recycled kraft paper printed in a deep shade of black using vegetable based inks.

  • The inner front cover includes space for a table of contents and contact information, in case of loss or emergency.
  • The inner back cover includes three rulers for measuring centimeters, inches and decimal inches. (that's an inch divided ten ways instead of halved, fourthed and eighth-ed)
  • Finally, the front and back covers are compatible with the community hexagon sticker system. Stickers not included :)



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