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Spring 2023 Sticker Sheet

Spring 2023 Sticker Sheet

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This sheet contains five hexagon stickers ideal for sticking on your Oddly Specific Daybook! They're also compatible with the Hexagon Sticker Standard, which will make them feel right at home on lab equipment that's already covered in OSH Park hexagon stickers. 

I'm going to be quite honest: I made this sticker sheet on a lark, and it consists of five designs that I couldn't get out of my head: 

  1. A road sign communicating that this is not a place of honor in Highway Gothic.
  2. A commemorative sticker for Sensor Watch.
  3. A photograph of Earthrise, as seen from the surface of the Moon.
  4. The LGBTQ Progress flag, cropped to a hexagonal form.
  5. A paint-spattered cityscape with abstract hexagons representing the year 2023. (I wanted this to put a year on my Oddly Specific Daybook)

In addition to these five hexagon stickers, you also get two bonus stickers! The Oddly Specific Objects logo at the bottom left is a sticker, as is the laser bear on the bottom right. Tastefully sized for sticking on a bike helmet or phone case, you cannot get these two stickers anywhere else!

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